lördag 31 december 2016

Finnish Army BTR-50 APC, Trumpeter 1:35

Been building this kit for a while now on and off. Not at all a great kit as it suffers from fit issues and a lot of flash on the parts, one of trumpeters older molds with some upgraded parts to make the BTR range.

If you plan to build it A MUST is to replace the tracks because the are so badly molded they cant even be used.. I replaced them with Friulmodel-tracks and used burnishing fluid to get the correct effect on them. Painted with AKAN finnish modern armor set, dark green and light green. The black is tamiya Nato black. The AKAN paint works great and are a great match for the modern hard edge camouflages that the finnish armored vehicles have.

Weathered with pigments and washes from MIG ammo. The antenna is made out of stretched sprue and towing cables from Eureka.

Jägermeister Porsche 934 Turbo RSR, Tamiya 1:24 Completed

A quick build of tamiyas Jägermeister Porsche 934 Turbo RSR in 1:24 scale.

Built out of the box and painted with Zero Paints Jägermeister Orange, 2K clear and metallic colors from AK and Alclad. Superb fit as always with tamiya but a bit simplified. The downside to the low part count is that a lot needs masking, like black trim and the engine that's molded to the floor.

The only thing that's been added and is not in the kit are seat-belts and fasteners, painted Good Year on the tire walls with a template. A stunning looking livery so will for sure build another Jägermeister livery racing car.

lördag 30 april 2016

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 (MT-451) Finnish airforce, Trumpeter 1:32 Completed

Been building this kit on and off for about a year, trumpeters 109 G-6 built as MT-451 finnish airforce. Flown by among others one of the great aces Ilmari Juutilanen.
Trumpeter kit has many faults but its an ok kit, great fit and will look good with some minor modifications. But I still think hasegawa is the best one with some resin upgrades. In my dreams I still see a Tamiya 1:32 109G-6 full detail kit.. that would be the day. To many allied 1:32 kits from them so time for the axis side.

Many parts taken from another 109 build Im working on, revells G-6. The trumpeter cockpit is awful more in 1:31 scale and the details are not even close to the real thing. Spinner has the wrong shape, was planning on using a resin one but it does not fit the fusalage so half of it is from revell and the other half from trumpeter. Painting done with gunze and masked with white tac and paper that I cut out from a 1:32 drawing copy.

Kit: Trumpeter Messerschmitt 109 G-6 1:32
Paints used: RLM colors from Gunze and Vallejo. Weathered with MIG AMMO panel liners, oils and pigments.
Aftermarket parts: Decals MDC. Wheels + oil cooler fairing + exhausts + supercharger intake from Barracudacast. Revi sight from quickboost. Seatbelts from HGW. 
Parts used from the new Revell 109G-6: Tail + Rudder, cockpit, top part of the spinner.

lördag 30 januari 2016

Messerschmitt me 262 A-1/U4 Hobby Boss 1:48 Completed

Always wanted to build the Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1/U4 with the big 50 mm cannon in the nose. The Hobby Boss kit is detailed but some moldings are a bit soft especially on the fuselage. The fit is generally good but some clamping action is needed where the wings meet the fuselage on the belly of the aircraft.

A must upgrade is the barrel and muzzle brake other then that the kit is good. The shape on the nose looks a bit of when looking at pictures, ok for me but not perfect.

kit: 1/48 Hobby Boss me 262 A-1/U4
colors: Vallejo Air RLM range
weathering: Done with Ammo and AK weathering products + pigments from Lifecolor.

Upgrade parts I used on this build:
-Resin wheels from Eduard
- Eduard Zoom Etch set for the cockpit
- Metal barrel and muzzle brake from Master
- Decals from Eagle Cal

fredag 23 oktober 2015

Renault FT-17 (Cast Turret) Meng 1:35 Completed

My recent build of a Renault FT-17 (Cast turret), finnish version but they were painted the same way as the french (repainted later on in a beige-grey color). The MENG kit is superb with great fit and detail so the only thing I replaced ere the springs that are way to thin.
Diorama is inspired by some old photos I found during the 1930´s when they had a military parade for the public and children were able to get close to the tanks.

Paints used: AK French WW1 paint set for the threetone camouflage, AK true metal, weathered with lifecolor pigments and Abteilung oils. Diorama painted with vallejo and weathered with MIG dark wash and pigments mixed with X20A as wash.

Diorama: Figure from MB-Models and the base is from Miniart.

tisdag 15 september 2015

Another Airbrush Bought!

Bought myself another airbrush from H&S, the Evolution AL+. Been trying it out now for the past months and I must say that this is probably my favorite airbrush. The difference between the AL+ and the regular Evolution CR+ is that its made out of aluminium (black parts) so its much lighter.
For me the lightness is very nice when painting more detailed schemes as its lighter on the hand and I don't feel as much strain on the hand.

Recommended if you want an airbrush that's black and weighs less than the regular version !

Renault FT-17 (Cast Turret) Meng 1:35

Been working on Mengs Renault FT-17 with the cast turret. Superb kit with full interior so I decided to have all the hatches open. Building it out of the box with only some small alterations like replacing the springs that are way too thin.

It will be a Finnish FT-17 tank in french colors, they kept the french camouflage so I painted it with AK french color set. For this build I also tried out AK "True metal" colors and I must say that they are great, easy to apply with brush and polishes easily. Will soon start the weathering process but will keep it at a minimum as the tank will stand on a cobblestone base, on a parade with a small child figure standing beside it. The cobblestone and sewage cower are from Miniart